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Shawnee Heights Elementary School is a Ci3T school!  We utilize a Comprehensive Integrated Three-tiered (Ci3T) model of prevention and supports for all students who attend our school.  Our faculty and staff are committed to supporting academic, behavior and social needs of all students. 

A Ci3T model of prevention has at its base a school-wide primary prevention component. Each and every student participates by virtue of attending our school!  The goal of this school-wide plan is to equip students with meaningful academic, behavior and social skillsets that will support successful school and life outcomes.  This plan is also designed to create positive change within the school environment.  Behaviorally, students are taught school wide expectations, provided opportunities to practice these expectations and through the use of behavior specific praise accompanied by a SHES ticket, receive positive reinforcements for demonstrating the expected behaviors.  

If the primary plan is not sufficient to meet some student’s needs, additional levels of support are planned.  For example, some students may benefit from small focus groups provided through enrichment, in-class small group instruction and literacy tutors (Secondary supports/Tier 2).   Others may benefit most from individuated supports (Tertiary supports/Tier 3) provided through student specific intervention plans, programs, materials and providers including reading specialist, school counselor, gifted facilitator and special education staff.  

Each of these levels of support (school-wide, secondary & tertiary), are part of our Ci3T plan.  We aim to foster a positive learning environment for all students and support every student to the extent necessary for academic, behavioral and social success.  

For more information about our school-wide Ci3T plan, please contact Rebecca Hummer, Principal at 730-5345.  For more information and research on positive behavior supports and tiered systems of support visit and   

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